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Tarpaulin: Final Piece and Evaluation

In this project, we designed and constructed a garment to portray extremes, using the design process. 

Our initial idea was to create a garment to represent past and present, using the past of the tarpaulin to influence the garment (the present state). We began by researching military history, and taking photographs of found objects so we could gather both primary and secondary sources. We then used this research to influence our initial design ideas, which we then discussed as a team before refining into a single, final design. We then created an action plan as to what techniques and processes we would use, then created samples of each of these (e.g. print sample/stitch sample/spray sample). We also drew up a pattern from scratch, and created a toille to ensure the pattern was successful, before moving on to our final garment. 

Whilst constructing our garment, however, we did run into some difficulty in fitting the sleeves, and lining them up. We also found that it was quite difficult to handstitch into, so we opted for gluing on the details instead. 

Overall, I think that our piece was very successful, however the construction process could have been made easier by creating a more extensive range of samples and tests. 


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